Brainstorm & Workshop

Design Thinking -inspired Brainstorming


Why not just pay a creative or marketing agency to come up with an ad or marketing campaign or gimmick for you?

You can, if the agency is that creative, relatively affordable, and you want someone to blame to when the campaign fails. But also remember that agencies should be considered as extensions of your organization. Before them comes the question whether or not your teams are up to the game and knows how to reciprocate and maximize the potential momentum that agencies may create.

So in the meantime, let’s consider the benefits of doing it in-house and challenge ourselves with the following questions.

Are you clear what problems or opportunities you have and what message do you need to send over to your target market? You may have the broader idea of ways to fatten your margins, but do you really know your market - how to talk to them and engage them? Sure, creative agencies can offer ideas like viral videos but will that actually engage your audience segment? How will you compass your whole organization - teams from engineering to marketing - to collaborate and be unified in executing a campaign? Are your ideas (yours, your teams, and individual team members) all aligned in the first place? Chances are most of these questions are beyond your agency’s terms of contract.

More than the viral video that all businesses crave for is the ecosystem that will push and turn engagements into profitable relations. For us, the whole ecosystem - that means both your teams and stakeholders (including a segment of your market) - is crucial in your campaign and must therefore be tapped from day one.

The company teams have to be aligned in terms of teamwork and messaging. They must in turn be aligned with the target market itself or good representation of that audience. By letting your teams actually engage with that segment in a team-bonding workshop, you not only get insights of your market, you make the teams work together and get them to understand more about your market.

In a broader sense, this idea generation approach is similar to the ideation process in design thinking. You involve as much stakeholders you can get and level off messaging to put everyone in the same communication page.

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