Community-driven Content

Multi-layered Communications Approach


  • ClientPalm Grass Hotel
  • DateMarch 2018

The videos embedded here are part of a video creation strategy that tapped local youth or particularly students to collaborate with the company’s marketing and communications team to produce several heritage-related videos. This was achieved by primarily holding a brainstorming-production workshop to build the team and let them execute video creation and crewing tasks within a short time-frame.

  • This is a travel-style video designed to highlight local history in a campaign to connect the heritage aspect of the business with local content. Filmed by Pros Laput and crewed by workshop participants.

The goal was to provide a fun environment to exercise creativity while discovering the participants' points of view on a given set of content framework. This technique has been successfully executed in team bonding or team building workshops or brainstorming sessions under my facilitation.

  • This is a modern retelling of what happened in the Tres de Abril uprising against Spain in Cebu, Philippines 120 years ago. Written, filmed and crewed by workshop participants with the assistance of Pros Laput.

The result were community-led products that target the youth and where young students provided creative inputs to come up with a short video skit that they themselves wrote, acted and produced. Their video, produced within hours after a two-hour brainstorming/scriptwriting, was a modern retelling of what happened in the Cebu uprising against Spanish colonizers and their local cohorts. My production role was limited to lighting, sound and camera assistance as well as the polishing and graphics work in post-production.

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Pros Laput
Lead Video Creator
Asia-Pacific Focus Features