Field Notes

"Customer-focused, budget-responsive, and social-networking-centered -- this is how I describe my video production workflow." (Pros Laput, 2018)

  • This is a product of a six-hour team-bonding, production and preediting session with LinkedIn Hong Kong. This was filmed and facilitated by Pros Laput.

Video Creation and Innovation

June 12th 2018 - innovation, video creation

Communication is crucial in expressing ideas and fostering innovation. Key communication devices like brainstorm sessions and workshops and the overall video creation process, in turn, foster innovation.

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Design Thinking -inspired Brainstorming

March 2018 - workshop, design thinking

In a broader sense, this idea generation approach is similar to the ideation process in Design Thinking. You involve as much stakeholders you can get and level off messaging to put everyone in the same communication page.

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Community-driven Content

June 12th 2018 - community-driven content, communications, travel video

The goal was to provide a fun environment to exercise creativity while discovering the participants' points of view on a given set of content framework.

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  • "Suroy-Saysay" is a travel-style video designed to highlight local history in a campaign to connect the heritage aspect of the business with local content. Filmed by Pros Laput and crewed by workshop participants.